Good day networking with entrepreneurs

I’m feeling very entrepreneurial after going to the Women In Entrepreneurship brunch and having dinner with Jane and Raymond, the founders of Dermalogica today.  Both were great events and here are some takeaways:

  • Charleen Kay, founder of Puritea: you need to start business that you truly love because you will be doing things you don’t like for the business and you will need that passion to get through those times.
  • Amy Swift, co-author of Ladies Who Launch: women entrepreneurs usually have a more emotional attachment with their business, which is more like a child to them.
  • Jane and Raymond, founders of dermalogica: they are an amazing couple and have a fabulous home.  It is amazing how they could manage both work and relationship so well.  And they actually encourages office romance! ^_^
  • Jane and Raymond made a great analogy of starting business and going on a trip: if you plan to go to San Diego, but on 405 you got caught speeding or have a flat tire, you stop, deal with it and still go to San Diego.  You wouldn’t get side tracked and go to Palm Spring.  But when people run into blocks in their career, they just change directions and never get to San Diego in the end!
  • Jane and Raymond have really nice philosophy about how they run their organization: it started off really flat and entrepreneurial.  Nobody gets title, and everybody earns their position in the business.  You have to go to meeting with your own opinion, and be ready to back it up.  They love “fierce conversation” but in a good way.  They make decisions on the fly and it all stops with them.

Thanks to EA and my awesome fellow classmates for making today happen and thanks to the supporters of Anderson community.  I believe the economy might just help Anderson becoming a better entrepreneurship school since a lot of my classmates will probably go on and start business coming out of school, like me.  This is in our blood, I believe.


Change of plan… and name

This is a big change and although I haven’t set my mind to it, I somehow feel that this is the way to go.  So I’m officially an entrepreneur in make.  I have been greatly inspired by the classes I took at Anderson, the entrepreneurs I have met over the past 1 and half years and the pathetic economy in the states.  I believe right now my opportunity cost is at historical low for not working for any big companies, although the risk of starting business is a bit higher too, especially considering it’s my own capital being put in.  Nevertheless, I feel I have a clear picture of what I want to do, and how to do it.  All I need is the leap over the edge of that cliff, and there I go.

This is a marketing campaign for Faye

So on Tuesday this week, I had a coffee chat with my mentor Bob Waldorf.  We talked about the tough time in the job market, and I updated him on what I’ve been doing lately.  Then he said, why don’t you start a blog to tell people about what you’ve been doing?  Send them to all the people you meet and treat it like a marketing tool.  I think this is a brilliant idea.  

Today I was browsing my google reader feeds, and then I saw this guy‘s design called Briefc(eramic)ase which is a laptop case made from ceramic.  I’m into ceramic so I think this is brilliant.  I went to his portfolio page which is basically his own marketing page.  Then I thought, art students usually have their own portfolio pages so people know what kind of design they can make when they are hired.  Business students only have one sheet of paper listing titles and numbers.  How do you tell what’s behind that piece of paper?

So this is why I’m starting the blog.  This is a marketing campaign for Faye.  I will show more of what I am thinking behind my CV.  And just for your information, I am seeking fulltime employment after June 2009, and I am willing to be located in either US or China.  Click on my Experience page to see my past experience.  But I hope you’re more interested in what I say in the posts.