pinterest, svpply… – bookmarking and social sharing


Recently I've been finding a new array of interesting sites coming, namely pinterest, svpply, thefancy… I signed up for the first two, with my twitter account of cause, followed a bunch of friends and been followed by several strangers.  Here's some of my thoughts on the two.

Pinterest is an image clipping site that lets you save images from any webpage into your own collection "art board".  Before this I've been using Image Spark, which provides similar function.  The difference is that pinterest really tries to enforce social sharing, by allowing you to follow other people, followed by other people, and repin, like or comment on other's images.  Image Spark is a bit more like artist/designer tool, the main function is to create moodboard.

Svpply is like a more evolved system for social shopping like But the function is a lot simpler, even the interface is a lot cleaner too.  If you think of kaboodle as the macy's then svpply would be that little boutique on Melrose.  The idea behind is personalized shop curated by people you think share the same taste with.

What I like about both of these is their way of non-intruding bookmarking. Both sites provide a link that sits on your bookmark bar. While you are browsing on other sites, you can easily clip/pin/"buy it later"/whatever verb you like the image to save it into your own profile.  You can also choose to publicize your finding over twitter/facebook immediately as well, which I consider is "over-sharing" but could appeal to others. I think this is the new trend on the web: toolbox sites that can stay in the backend, and you only go on the site when you need to actually do something with it. The same kind of logic applies to instapaper.

So in case you're interested, you can follow me on pinterest or svpply

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