words of wisdom about online WOM planning

Yesterday my coworker referred me to this great presentation by BBH Lab on propagation planning, or in more cliche words: social media WOM planning…  Agency folks are all about inventing new jargons everyday!  But I actually like this one.  Propagation means that the content or viral will multiply or reproduce itself, but that’s with the right planning beforehand.

Some highlights from the presentation:
  • Problem with influencer: just getting your promotional message to them doesn’t guarantee it’ll go big
  • Audience react best when they see each other react
  • Give your influencer the tools they need to speak to their audience
  • on slide 29, I really like how they time the communications.  paid media is still crucial for the final kick to make your message mass
  • Word of mouth potency index is interesting too, marketers should realize not everything will go viral…
  • There are tons of good case studies towards the end, I’ve seen most of them, but they gave a nice summary of why it works.

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