the wish and will of the people is unstoppable

This is my thought on Liu Xiaobo winning the Nobel Peace Prize today, this is a moment that should be celebrated by all Chinese!

I rarely write about politics, cause it’s not my thing.  I grew up in an environment that people improve their lives by working hard, through creating and managing businesses, but not the political route.

But in recent years, especially after I have been living and studying in US, I started to realize that economic development is indispensable from politics.  The political environment dictates how the economy will grow.  Just like the country leader Wen Jiabao has pointed out in a recent CNN interview, “China has achieved enormous progress in its development. Yet I was one of the first to argue that our economic development still lacks balance, coordination and sustainability.” Our base is not solid because our political development is not solid.  The country, no matter how socialistic it claims to be, is built upon the structure of absolute central control.  The control of the political force is so strong that they shut up any opinion that’s not inline with theirs.  Liu Xiaobo is only one of those voices, not the first one, not the last one.

It all just comes back to the topic of “freedom”.  Exactly what is freedom?  I don’t think most of Chinese people understand the concept of freedom.  As we grew up being taught that the communist party has “freed China”, and given its people “power and rights”.  So according to Wen, Chinese people have freedom of speech, but it has to be “conducted within the range allowed by the constitution and the laws so that the country will have normal order”.  I totally agree that any freedom should come with restrictions, the difference is how is that range defined?  In US it’s defined by the law, if your freedom go across the legal limit, then you lose it.  In China, it’s defined by the will of people.  The people in power, the people who have tied in interest, the people who have the connections.  Then, that’s NOT called freedom of speech!  Why are we using all the ambiguous phrases to describe how excited we are about the news of first Chinese Nobel prize winner today?  Because we simply don’t have freedom… It’s sad but I’m gonna say it.  And I can only post it here on posterous cause posterous is blocked anyway.

I’m not completely disagreeing with where the central government come from, cause it is hard to manage a country with 1.3 billion people and maintain an order here.  What I’m saying is that they should realize one lie only requires more lies to cover it.  If all you do is lying, your people will lose trust in you, which is exactly what is happening now.  The country is losing its best talents because they don’t trust the government any more.  And without a solid base of talents, even the economic development is not sustainable.

“I have summed up my political ideals in the following four sentences: To let everyone lead a happy life with dignity. To let everyone feel safe and secure. To let the society be one with equality and justice. And to let everyone have confidence in the future. In spite of the various discussions and views in the society, and in spite of some resistance, I will act in accordance with these ideals unswervingly and advance, within the realm of my capabilities, political restructuring. ” – Wen

I really hope he’s true to his words but not just BS-ing to foreign journalists… Cause your people have already spoken their wish and will.





我並不是完全不能理解政府的初衷,我也同意13億人的國家是非常難以管理的,尤其是這個自古以來都不怎麼有秩序的地方。但是我的出發點是憂慮: 我憂慮這個政府要用更多的謊言來掩飾一個謊言,我憂慮民眾對政府失去信心,我憂慮這個國家最好的人才都在離開這裡。沒有了這些人,我們也就沒有未來了。



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