kudos to twitter for making the UI improvement

This morning when I came in the office, news about twitter’s interface upgrade is all over the internet.  Even people on weibo are talking about it.
I personally think twitter has taken a step further with the two panel design, which really no other applications are doing.  Although seesmic and brizzly do have pictures/videos embedded in timeline already.  

So there has been a lot of talks about how RSS is dying and twitter/facebook is how people are going to get all of their information/news updates in the future.  As a loyal google reader user for years, I can’t quite agree with that.  As much as I love twitter/weibo and facebook, there’s something about it I can’t get over: real-time.  It’s so real-time that if I don’t check it from time to time, I’d be missing something.  It could be something interesting or extremely useful, but I just miss it and would never be able to recover it from the massive amount of information in the timeline.

RSS is different.  I know if I’m interested in a certain website, the content will always be sitting there waiting for me in my google reader, no matter when I check it.  To me that is just much more reliable.  Especially consider the need of my work to process big amount of information, I’d rather do it in chunks rather than on sporadic occasions.

So I think the new interface is an essential move for twitter’s next goal, which is to become a “go-to” site for information.  Some intelligent system like “priority inbox” would also be good.  Alternative layouts like flipboard or feedly would increase the readability as well… I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to work on apps for twitter as there are still a lot of potentials and at least twitter is not as closed up as sina weibo…

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