TEDxShanghai, this Sunday!

I'm so excited about going to TEDxShanghai this Sunday, which my coworker @johnwrede and @j_forest helped to put together.  

I remember watching it streaming live via tudou last year, when I was still living in LA, in the midst of moving.  From that event, I got to know a lot of the names and people who are super active in the entrepreneur and social scene here in Shanghai.  Some of them I see almost everyday now…  TED is a super inspirational project in that it gives a stage to almost anyone, everyone.  It showcases talents in all possible areas, and most importantly it has built it's brand as a source of inspiration over the years.

I sincerely think that inspiration and true motivation is something that China would really need in the current stage.  Therefore it's a good thing that TEDx is happening in so many places around China now.  It also shows there's a need for it.  My hope is that TEDx can reach out to more local youth and motivate them to showcase their talent too.  In some way, it's what we are trying to do with the enovate Circuit event.  Hopefully these kids can make it to a bigger stage someday soon.

So here's the lineup of speakers for Sunday, and you can watch it streaming live from 10am to 6pm that day.  Don't miss out!

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