detox diet first try

it's not until i start my detox diet did i realize how many people have tried this thing before.  i used to think it's kinda absurd too, to starve yourself for no reason.  but my first time experience with detoxing diet has somewhat changed my view on this.

   * you do get hungry! No matter what the diet package may tell you, protein shake or bars can't satisfy your appetite usually.  
   * first two days, i felt okay without eating much food, except from 1-2 hrs in the afternoon i would feel very hungry.  but after that i'm good without eating again.  i start to think that food is more of a "want" than a "need".
   * 3rd day: okay i'm dizzy… i drank a lot of water coz it's too hot, still without any carbs to sustain myself, i felt pretty dizzy from time to time.  and very sleepy too…
   * 4th day: kinda horrible coz i had to go to work all day and went to an alum mixer afterwards.  it's a 40C (104F) day in shanghai, plus i couldn't get cab home cause the streets are full of sweating people but no air-conditioned cabs (wtf!!).  this day definitely drained my energy…
   * 5th day: i was supposed to keep going till the end of 5th day, but well i told you already used up my energy on 4th day, so i thought i had to eat some real food.  I ate a cantonese soup for lunch, it's never been so good to taste real food!! but afterwards, i had the strongest food coma ever!  I guess my body is not used to digesting food, and my brain totally stopped working… i had to sit in a meeting room the whole afternoon trying very hard to focus myself on writing a proposal.  

so, all in all, i wouldn't say it's too bad of an experience to try this diet.  although i didn't really loses much weight, i could definitely feel the detoxing part worked.  my stomach is empty (and hopefully smaller), and i wake up more energetic than before.  i can hopefully continue on a lighter diet than what i had before.  i still think most of the time we eat because we want to, we get lured by the smell / taste of the food more than the actual benefit of the food.  by stripping down our food need to a barely enough level, it reveals how much crap we consume everyday but not contribute to our living or health at all.  well, on the other hand, it's the same with any consumption right?  maybe we are at the dawn of the "unconsumption" era? 

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