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I have over 100 feeds in my google reader, it's becoming my bookmarking tool.  It's good to know that those content I'm interested in are sitting in the cloud somewhere and when I have time they'll be waiting for me.  On the other hand, it's going out of shape in a way that it's NEVER gonna be possible for me to finish.

Nevertheless, I've always been looking for tools to help me clean through those feeds faster, cause end of the day, I feel I could learn a lot from those sites.  I love "feedly" a lot with its magazine style of layout and easy browse, but the annoying thing is that it's blocked behind GFW, so I have to get on vpn to use it every time.  Today I discovered another tool called netnewswire, which has mac / iphone / ipad apps to sync with google reader and integrate with instapaper very nicely.  I downloaded that and immediately like it although the syncing is not perfect (some feeds won't sync) and the loading of picture/video is kinda slow.  Yet the layout just makes it a lot easier/faster to go through feeds.  I decide I'm gonna stick with it for a while and see how it helps me to clean out my google reader =)

Although i'd really love to test out flipboard on ipad, i have a feeling it's not gonna fit my goal of "cleaning out my subscribed content FAST"…  any flipboard user opinion out there?

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