Working on my new mixtape

Wasted Daylight by Stars  
Download now or listen on posterous

02 Wasted Daylight.mp3 (4444 KB)

I got the day off because of the "dragon boat festival", so I spent the whole afternoon and evening working on my new mix.

While I was searching for new cool tracks, I came across the Hype Machine site, which is completely awesome!  It collects music from bloggers around the web and ask people to rate it.  Streaming is super fast, and usually you'll be able to find a download link if you chase the link back to the original blog posting it.  I found lots of good music I love and would definitely keep it as a main resource for my future mix tracks!

I'm also learning my ropes with Ableton Live, only doing the basics now but learning on the go is always faster.  Plenty of resources online as well such as this and that site.  

New mix will be coming out soon hopefully, I'm trying to mix multiple style of music in a short mix, about 15-20min long, with about 10 tracks.  A lot of those are what I can't stop listening to everyday now, so u know how good they are!!

I‘m gonna end the post with a electro pop song "wasted daylight" from the band called Stars from Canada.  Love this song and think it totally fits a summer afternoon~

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