How Tolerant Is China?

Reading the article about the special edition of iLook magazine on gay lifestyle in China, and one of the question raised by the issue is: How tolerant is China?  It then reminds me of another story with the black Shanghainese girl Lou Jing.  This is a typical story that TV networks would LOVE even in US: a semi-tragic story of the mom, and a very special daughter, which is bound to raise controversial in media.  Same story in US would give rise to a lot of arguments/comments on web, but the difference is, not-so-surprisingly, that most of the comments in China are negative and focusing on the mistake the mother has made and the skin color of the girl.  Sad but let’s accept it, China is not very tolerant, yet.

What’s really ironic is that, Chinese media seems to have caught up and becoming tolerant or even say intrigued by these kind of story.  Not sure whether the high level officials in communication bureau think about this story and responses it has generated on web…  But maybe, just like the US networks, all they could care about is the ratings and ad revenue?

From a personal perspective, I do have sympathy for Lou Jing.  She is brave enough to embrace her own and her mother’s history, and bear with the pressure from the society.  She deserve to be treated more fairly, as just a normal individual.  On the other hand, I’m disappointed that not a lot of people would speak up for her.  In US, every minority will have some kind of organization or activists speaking for them, no matter how little impact that could make, it’s some sort of support in one way or another.  We obviously lack that kind of counter force in China, to fight against the mainstream voice, and increase the dynamic of the whole country… But hopefully that situation would change in the future.


在China Hush上看到洪晃的iLook杂志作了一期关于同志在中国的专题,其中提出一个很值得令人思考的问题:中国有多宽容? 我觉得这是个很好的问题,尤其在中国变得越来越多元化的时候,社会确实需要更多包容,才能吸引不同的人在这里生活,才能让不同的个性得到张扬。

这篇文章让我联想到另一个故事,关于一个参与某上海电视台选秀节目的黑女孩娄婧。China Hush对她的故事也有很完整的报道。这是一个即使在美国都非常典型会让记者追着跑的故事,妈妈的不幸遭遇,造成女儿的特殊,这是一个注定会引起很多争议的话题。这则故事在中国引起的是更多对母亲的谴责和对女孩的不理解,甚至是对女孩的肤色带有歧视意味的恶意评论。相反的,并没有很多人会站出来为这对母女说话,对女孩的勇敢表示认可。我只能说,我并不惊讶,中国还不是一个很宽容的地方。



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