Nothing Happens For Granted

Yesterday was my official start date with the solar company I’m gonna be working for.  But it doesn’t feel any different from any days in the past, cause I’m still working from home.  I would never know there are so many details in setting up a company until I see it.

The reason I can’t go to office is our office is not ready yet.  Although we found a nice location and good deal for the office, there are so much delay in actually moving-in due to the bureaucratic process… And then I need to figure out the IT solution for the office, buy laptops, set up corporate phone plans and install landlines in office.  Before the admin, office manager, IT, and accountant come onboard, I am all we have (for the admin work, of cause we have other people for real work).  It is a lot of hassle but meanwhile a great experience.  It used to be I go onboard, and everything is just ready for me, so I would never think about how much work needs to be done before the real action happens.

It’s good also because I get to make decisions on how we start.  As startup, we can’t do things in corporate way.  We make compromise on things that don’t matter much, and keep the expansion in mind while we do so.

So nothing happens for granted, and nothing has to happen in a certain way.  When it’s a fresh start, there are many possibilities.

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