This is a marketing campaign for Faye

So on Tuesday this week, I had a coffee chat with my mentor Bob Waldorf.  We talked about the tough time in the job market, and I updated him on what I’ve been doing lately.  Then he said, why don’t you start a blog to tell people about what you’ve been doing?  Send them to all the people you meet and treat it like a marketing tool.  I think this is a brilliant idea.  

Today I was browsing my google reader feeds, and then I saw this guy‘s design called Briefc(eramic)ase which is a laptop case made from ceramic.  I’m into ceramic so I think this is brilliant.  I went to his portfolio page which is basically his own marketing page.  Then I thought, art students usually have their own portfolio pages so people know what kind of design they can make when they are hired.  Business students only have one sheet of paper listing titles and numbers.  How do you tell what’s behind that piece of paper?

So this is why I’m starting the blog.  This is a marketing campaign for Faye.  I will show more of what I am thinking behind my CV.  And just for your information, I am seeking fulltime employment after June 2009, and I am willing to be located in either US or China.  Click on my Experience page to see my past experience.  But I hope you’re more interested in what I say in the posts.


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